Human brain consists of right brain and left brain, and they will function optimally if the left and right brains are in equilibrium. But this is a rare condition because most people develop and be mature while dominantly using their left brain.

How can we make balance, between the left and right brains? The answer is that the brain must be stimulated since our childhood, i.e. between the age of 5-16 years.


Eligibility: 5 years to 16 years

Amazing course that boosts your child’s learning ability and unleashes your child’s hidden potential beyond imagination.

Midbrain Activation Improves

  • Intuition
  • Super Sensory Perceptions
  • Long term memory
  • Concentration
  • Creativity
  • Motor -skills
  • IQ
  • Self-confidence
  • Academic performance
  • Learning Capability
  • Super Photographic Memory
  • Performance in art work
  • Blindfold (Closed Eyes) Seeing & Reading

 …Bring out “THE GENIUS” in your Child

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