Have you ever noticed a child playing by himself? Just notice how quickly children get bored with something. Whatever new toy you give them, the new game you teach them, after some time they are going to get bored with it. But at the same time have you ever noticed the wacky stories children curate while playing. They create space wars, marketplaces, kingdoms and whatnot while sitting in a tiny room with dolls and cars! This all seems insignificant to the normal eye but actually has a great lesson hidden for all of us.

The thing is that in this modern world of distractions people have stopped getting bored. They simply don’t have time to just sit back and relax, letting their imaginations run wild. You must’ve heard that great thinkers and artists lead a life of solitude.

Was it the solitude that led them to create great works? I don’t think so, I think it was boredom! They took the time to get bored and allowed their brains to roam free and just imagine whatever they could. They allowed themselves to think outside of what they were ingesting from their surroundings and this is what leads them to create something new from within themselves.

In essence, it is very true what people say, don’t let the child inside you die. Get bored sometimes, who knows you might find your own fairyland hidden somewhere in your brain.

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