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In the modern way of life, how often do you allow your brain to remain idle? How often do you get bored? How often do you sit still simply doing nothing? I guess the answer to almost all these questions would have been never. To be honest, I’m not surprised. But the actual question I want to ask is not how often do you get bored, but how often do you introspect?

Introspection is not something that can be done alongside anything else. You may be able to listen to music while making reports or solving maths, but it is simply not possible to introspect without allowing yourself to be free of distractions.

The underlying reason is not that complicated either. What happens when you sit still? You start thinking about things that have happened to you, the things that are happening with you, and the things that might happen with you. And more often than not, these thinking sessions do not lead to positive conclusions.

The brain is as lazy as it gets, and doing all this is not comfortable at all. Then what do you think is comfortable when such thoughts flood your mind? Scrolling on Instagram maybe? How about some Snapchat filters? Or maybe the discussion on Karthik Aryan’s new movie on WhatsApp? Because these things don’t involve the active usage of your brain, it can just sit back and relax while being distracted from the harsh realities of life.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea here is not to make you feel guilty about any of these. It’s common and completely understandable to be distracted, to take the easy way out. Because it’s not you! It’s your brain doing all this and it’s not your fault.

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