I’ll answer the most obvious question first, what’s comfortable, and the answer is not thinking. Thinking is hard. Have you tried it recently? Try sitting quietly for some time, get your phone out of the way, shut down your laptop and TV and just relax for a bit. What happens then? A flood of thoughts rushes in your brain, what did the neighbor aunt say in the morning, what your friend/colleague did/said to you in your school/college/office, what tasks you had for the day which you inevitably failed to complete and a lot of other stuff, and by the way where is that music coming from???

What to do you ask then? Well just breathe! Breathe in… and breathe out. Just let the thoughts flow without pursuing them. Try to focus only on your breathing. It is going to take some time, it’s not easy I already told you. It’s not necessary to have all the answers but if you just take the time to sit with yourself once in a while, you’ll see that making all those decisions gets a bit easier and life feels a bit calmer than before. Think about the things that bother you, even if you don’t have a solution at least you will know what the problem is. Sometimes even knowing the problem is enough to make it go away.

You’ll see that when you take time to be with yourself you get a bit closer to your brain, you might say your brain is already in your head but trust me, you will feel closer to it. Give yourself the attention you have been throwing away at the world and see the wonders you are capable of with just you as your ally!

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