Rajani Singh – The Versatile Counsellor

The battle everyone fights today in the modern world is perhaps more difficult than the ones foughtduring wars and pandemics of the past, because in this battle everyone is fighting with their eyes closed. The enemy in this battle is not wearing a uniform or a global disease, but the mind. The greatest tool of humans can prove to be our greatest enemy if not dealt with carefully.

Rajani Singh - Profile Picture

A counsellor helps people to turn inwards and look within themselves. Guide people through the difficult workings of their minds and find peace with themselves. It is said that

‘One Who Conquers The Mind Conquers The World’,

 and a counsellor acts as the light which illuminates this journey.

Stress and anxiety haunt almost every individual in today’s world where the competition in school or office can seem nothing short of a battle for survival. A different kind of ‘survival of the fittest’ law controls the actions of the masses today. 

As a counsellor, my journey has been about reaching out to as many people as possible and helping them. I have travelled through most of Jharkhand, meeting people and learning about their lives and their struggles. Every journey brought me closer to understanding the issues that the common people of our region suffer from.

There is a hesitance among people in acknowledging that they need help, and even if they do, professional help is something out of their reach. This is the niche that I decided I have to fill. Hence began my struggle to become the counselor I am today, Your Own Counsellor.

In my 10+ years of experience and 9000+ counselling sessions, I have come across cases from all age groups and backgrounds and each case was unique in its respect. I believe “counselling is not something you can learn from books, it’s the experience that defines a good counsellor”. The journey of each individual is unique and the more you learn about these journeys the more you grow.  

More About Me (Rajani Singh – A Professional Counselor)

  • I did my Masters degree in Psychology with a specialization in ‘Education and Counselling’ and ‘Advanced Social and Organizational Psychology’, from Utkal University, Orissa in 1997 and underwent training with DARCEE (Demonstration and Research Centre for Early Education), Utkal University, Orissa.  
  • I started my journey as a free-lance psychological counsellor focussed on school children, teenagers and couples.
  • I joined Mahila Housing Sewa Trust in 2014 as a Counsellor working for the upliftment and capacity building of women in urban slums of Ranchi and surroundings, handling training and counselling sessions.
  • For the past 5 years, I am giving my services as a Counsellor at Family Counselling Centre, run by Bharti Lok Kalyan Sansthan, Ranchi, an organization aided by the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi. Handling counselling cases at Mahila Thana and Chutiya Police Stations Ranchi regularly. It helped me to understand the issues with the local populace on a personal level.
  • I have been conducting counselling sessions in Schools and Girls’ hostels and also taking counselling sessions organized by various organizations, institutions and Jharkhand Police regularly.
  • Presently I am also working as a Counsellor at Surendranath Centenary School, Ranchi. Here I am counselling students regarding educational issues and mentoring for those struggling with social, emotional and behavioural problems and also helping improve student-teacher and teacher-parent interactions.

My Journey is On

My core interest lies in the future of the nation, teenagers, who are facing multiple issues on multiple fronts like physiological and psychological changes within. Adding to it are different kinds of distractions from their surroundings and social media, not to forget peer pressure, parental pressure, lack of ambition, deteriorating family values and bonding and lack of life skills.

My motto is to guide them through this phase of life smoothly and effectively and light a fire in their hearts and minds to make them happy, good and successful human beings.

Why I Am Here?

At present, I am offering psychological counselling to all the sections of the society from children to adult. And also, I am focusing on some advanced therapy methods so that the blend of conventional methods and advanced therapy will help more people to get relief from the stress.