Breaking it down to the very basics of elements, everyone wants to be loved and respected, to be accepted in general. Accepted by the people around you, relatives, friends, peers and seniors alike. Nothing wrong in that, it’s completely natural to have these desires. As humans, we come hardwired with these instincts inside us biologically. But sometimes things go a little overboard.

In the efforts of belonging to the group, people can go to great lengths, often showing out of character behaviour just to ‘fit in’ with others. You unknowingly become the ‘yes man (or woman)’. You start saying yes to almost everything that comes your way even for things you might not like. This is known as conforming behaviour.

The desire to fit in motivates individuals to lose their individuality. You want to be the people pleaser, someone whom everyone likes. You are there for everyone, present at every party, have never had arguments with anyone (because you don’t have any views of your own to argue with), and you simply don’t disagree with anything. Won’t you like someone like that!

So, what’s the conclusion? Is it okay to be that guy? Is it okay to not have any views or opinions of your own? Is it okay to say yes when you want to say no? Is it okay to just be, but not exist? Think about it.

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